01. Happy Synthesizer
02. TwinklexTwinkle
03. Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song

Rabu Rabu♥

Mmkay time to work on those requests! T qT; ehe

I didn’t think I’d get any requests for the character thing but aaah I’ll be working on them soon~! ;v; though they might take a while since I share this computer with the fam and then there’s job hunting for the summer so.. haha oTL

Also off topic… I’m glad I have a PS Vita and PS3 at least. TvT No rush to get a PS4 anytime soon but Wii U seems very tempting with all the games coming out. >3< AHHH all I want this year is gamessss. ALL OF THE GAMESSSS. Must find a job and work hard this year! *sob*


Did some impromptu pose practice earlier today?? Wasnt going to include the ref images at first but I figured it’d be good to have the comparison anyways.